Study Sites

Saph Pani will perform case studies on eight different sites. In work package 1 bank filtration as a natural water system and (pre-)treatment technology will be addressed in four case studies in urban areas in North India, namely Haridwar, Srinagar, Nainital and Delhi. In work package 2 managed aquifer recharge will be investigated in the rural site Maheshwaram and the urban sites Chennai and Raipur. In work package 3 a natural wetland with soil aquifer treatment near Hyderabad (Musi River Watershed) and a specially designed and constructed wetland in Mumbai will deliver “hands-on” knowledge and data for further interpretation. The case study sites are situated in different geographic and climatic situations, addressing natural phenomena such as drought, flood and saltwater infiltration.

constructed wetlandsmanaged aquiferbank filtrationHyderabadRaipurSrinagarHaridvarNainitalNew DelhiMaheshwaramChennaiMumbai