Deliverable 1.1 Database of relevant pollutants in urban areas and their attenuation at RBF sites

Deliverable 1.2 Guidelines for flood-risk managementof bank filtration schemes during monsoon in India

Deliverable 1.3 Concept for application of BF in aquifers contaminated with nitrogen species

Deliverable 1.4 Report on bank filtration economics and costestimates

Deliverable 2.1 Report on existing MAR practice and experience in India

Deliverable 2.2 Documentation of acquired data and conceptual model of MAR impact

Deliverable 2.3 Report on field investigations on the performance of MAR techniques under the conditions in India

Deliverable 2.4 Cross case analysis of three MAR case studies including recommendations for MAR applications in India

Deliverable 3.1 Report on experiences with CWs and techno economic evaluation

Deliverable 3.2 Conceptual model of flow and transport for a hard rock aquifer – Musi River microwatershed

Deliverable 3.3 Report on strategies for enhancement of constructed wetlands and other natural treatment systems

Deliverable 3.4 Report on recommendations for enhancement of constructed wetlands

Deliverable 4.1 Review of the Post-treatment Applied to  Natural Treatment Systems in India and Critical Water Quality Parameters

Deliverable 4.2 Removal Efficiencies of Conventional Post-treatment after NTS

Deliverable 4.3 Post-treatment Requirements of Different Natural Treatment Systems

Deliverable 4.4 Recommended Post treatment Options for Water Utilities

Deliverable 4.5 Matrix for Feasibility Assessment and Selection of Post treatment

Deliverable 5.1 Database of baseline data for study sites

Deliverable 5.2 Preliminary models and system design

Deliverable 5.3 Synthesis of modelling, monitoring and optimising natural treatment systems in India

Deliverable 5.4 Synopsis of modelling and monitoring approaches in the Indian context

Deliverable 6.1 Report on initial sustainability assessment

Deliverable 6.2 Report on case study assessments and feasibility studies

Deliverable 6.3 Report on integration of results and final recommendations

Deliverable 6.4 Report on management plans

Deliverable 7.3 part 1 Training course material on bank filtration

Deliverable 7.3 part 2 Training course material on MAR

Deliverable 7.3 part 3 Training course material on MAR

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