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20 of May 2014 Age: 10 yrs

Training Course on Natural Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse (15.-19. May, 2014) Delft, The Netherlands

As a part of EU project "Saph Pani" UNESCO-IHE organized together with Saph Pani project partners a 2-day general training and workshop on "Natural Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse" which aimed to promote natural treatment systems and to disseminate the results of Saph Pani Project to wider international audience.

28 participants from 7 different countries including MSc and PhD students, engineers and researchers from universities, water supply company and research institutes attended this course. During the opening session, the Business Director of UNESCO-IHE Ms. Greet Vink welcomed the participants and informed about the vision, mission and current education programs as well as research and capacity development projects at UNESCO-IHE. This was followed by an introduction of Saph Pani Project activities by Prof. Thomas Wintgens, the Project coordinator. During this training, some key experts from Germany, The Netherlands and India gave guest lecturers on theoretical background on design and operational aspects of natural treatment systems (bank filtration, artificial recharge, soil aquifer treatment, and constructed wetlands and pond systems) and also shared the results from Saph Pani case study sites in India. Additionally, Dr. Simone Verzandvoort and Dr. Emmanuel Oertle (from EU project "COROADO ") made a joint presentation on "Decision Support Tools for Water Reuse in Latin America at Local and Regional Scale". At the end Prof. Damir Brdjanovic (Head of Environmental Engineering Department of UNESCO-IHE) gave the closing speech and distributed the certificates to the course participants.