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30 of June 2014 Age: 9 yrs

Saph Pani at the EU-INDIA Water Projects Meeting in Brussels

Saph Pani was presented on 12 June 2014 in Brussels at the EU-INDIA Water Projects Mid-Term Review and Seminar Meeting which was hosted by the European Commission. The event included presentations from all ongoing projects in course of the collaboration between the European DG Research and the Indian Department of Science and Technology such as
Eco-India, NaWaTech, Saraswati and Swings. Dr. Christian Kazner gave an overview on the Saph Pani project with its different work packages and their results. A vivid discussion was followed by the presentation on topics such as virus removal, removal of micropollutants, and minimum travel time in bank filtration. The Saph Pani consortium is honoured that our project was part of this interesting event.

Audience of the meeting